Welcome to our weather station site. It updates every 5 minutes. Our station is located in Galena Forest Estates at 6190 feet above sea level. You can email us at info@goybs.com. Visit our blog page on the web by Clicking Here. It was updated on January 18, 2018.

Local Weather Forecast

Mostly sunny with light winds. Look for temperatures to reach 52° in Reno and 46° in Galena. A bright , sunny day with light winds and warmer temperatures. Look for the next storm to arrive Wednesday with increasing winds in the morning, then mostly cloudy and windy in the afternoon. Winds will be very strong Wednesday with ridge winds near 100 mph and Valley winds in the 50 to 60 mph range. Precipitation will begin Wednesday afternoon in the Sierra and overnight in the Truckee Meadows. It looks like this system will bring 12" of snow above 7000 ft., 4" to 6" around Lake Tahoe at lake level, 4" in Galena and a couple of inches of snow as low as 5000 ft. Unsettled with snow showers Thursday, clearing and cold Friday. High pressure builds for the weekend with partly cloudy skies, warmer temperatures and light winds.

Rain gauge may record false readings during high wind periods.

See the 6 to 10 day precipitation forecast below.

Note : Rain gauge totals during snow periods are not accurate. Gauge is not heated and totals are delayed until temperature is above freezing.


From the National Weather Service .
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